Genuine Ltd expands into Luxemburg 18/03/2018
BizTalk 2016 Training now available in Belgium, UK and France. 09/02/2018
Genuine submits updated SOA reference architecture proposal to OASIS for approval. 18/12/2017
BizTalk 2013 ESB toolkit Training now available in Belgium, UK and France. 01/12/2017
Sonic ESB from Progress Software added to Genuine's supported Middleware portfolio. 20/08/2017
SCA Consultancy (service component architecture) available on Oracle platform. 13/01/2017
Genuine opens additonal offices in the center of Brussels, 49-51 Rue du Vautour, 1000 Brussels 25/09/2016
Customized SOA training around SOA Design Patterns available as from February 20/01/2016
Genuine Ltd announces support for Intalio implementations 26/11/2016
HP releases Systinet 3.0. Genuine Ltd showcases available upon request 12/09/2015
Oracle puts the SOA Suite 11g-Technical Preview 3 online for download 08/06/2015
OASIS presents the SOA Reference Architecture Public Review Draft 1 14/04/2015
Dublin Department of Agriculture selects Genuine as SOA partner 18/02/2015
Genuine expands operations into Dublin as from January 03/01/2010
Leading the Agile Way: Duty. Honor. Delivery 31/12/2010
Genuine now offers EDA consultancy and training to selected customers 04/12/2008
Open ESBV2 Preview 3 now available. 16/09/2008
OASIS forms six committees to simplify SOA. 10/08/2008
WS-TX 1.1 standard announcement. 02/06/2008
Is BPMN good enough? BPMN survey is requesting your feedback. 10/04/2007
Genuine braces for another busy year while expanding its team of collaborators. 08/01/2007
Oracle SOA Suite and BPEL training now available. 02/12/2006
SOA business division team to focus solely on implementing best practices at Fortune 500 customers. 22/09/2006
Genuine achieves Enterprise Architect Partner status. 12/08/2006
Genuine expands operations into France and UK. 08/06/2006
"Building Secure and Reliable web services" training is now available. 10/04/2006
SOA training is added to the course offering, click here to view the course. 28/03/2006
Genuine delivers SOA Seminar to selected customers, thereby reaffirming its leading role as web services high-tech provider and enabler. 09/02/2006
SQL Server 2005 Admin and Development training available 10/01/2006
Genuine adds ITIL course to training program 06/01/2006
Biztalk 2006 Server Beta 1 now available 01/08/2005
SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 now available 10/04/2005
Bloggers guide to Biztalk released 23/02/2005
Genuine adds Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 to training offer 11/02/2005
Biztalk Service Pack 1 available for download 10/01/2005
Genuine XML training updated with XSLT 2.0 06/01/2005
Biztalk Server 2004 Final release available 02/03/2004
Updated BizTalk Server 2004 training available from Genuine training 18/02/2004
Info: new XSL-FO training will be ready for delivery as from April 2004 10/02/2004
New XSL training available from Genuine training services 19/01/2004
Seeburger integrates with SAP XI 01/08/2003
What's On Tap for 'Whidbey'? 20/07/2003
webMethods Grows Market Share 453% Faster Than Nearest Competitor 07/05/2003
Visual Studio .NET 2003 is now in Final Beta 04/03/2003
Windows Server product line is on-track for worldwide launch in April 2003 09/01/2003
Microsoft BizTalk Server as a Leader In Application Integration 03/07/2002
webMethods in the Leader Quadrant II Application Integration 11/06/2002
The role of directories in Web services 07/06/2002
Conference highlights Web services growth potential 06/06/2002
W3C to 'open' SOAP envelope 02/04/2002
Look before you leap into webservices... 27/03/2002
Microsoft .Net final available to MSDN subscribers 02/02/2002
Object Management Group (www.omg.org) has adopted the Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) 20/01/2002
Gartner: webMethods and Biztalk amongst market leaders 13/12/2001
Tools for building webservices 20/11/2001
XML Infoset becomes W3C Recommendation. 25/10/2001
Microsoft releases exam 70-230: Biztalk Server 2000, use Genuine's training and extensive knowledge of this middleware tool for a successful preparation. 17/10/2001
Are web services really the next big thing? a Web services Reality check. 01/10/2001
"The Value of E-business Integration with webMethods" - Nucleus research. 25/09/2001
The XML Schema Working Group has released an updated Working Draft of XML Schema: Formal Description. 25/09/2001
The Open Applications Group announces support for ebXML. 15/07/2001
A project with some useful hints, or XML in the Real World. 27/04/2000


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