About Genuine

We feel the name says it all: working with genuine is a unique experience that will leave you asking for more. We offer consultancy services that cover a broad scope of next-generation topics, such as connectivity and application integration using XML, while at the same time project knowledge is translated into valuable training course material.

As we move into an era where webServices are key, you'll want to know exactly how to prepare to keep a competitive edge upon your business partners. Does it need emphasis that modeling is essential for an enterprise? Or did you ever wonder how to express your business processes in XML? We are confident that our genuine integration offerings can give you the competitive edge that leaves others staring behind.

New technology, ok...but obviously you don't feel like throwing out the existing knowledge that is contained in your organizational processes, neither do you want to discard the massive investments you might have made in EDI. Ever heard about ebXML? Let us explain exactly how you can use it to unlock your company's most valuable assets and letting others know what services you can provide.

Successful integration between trading partners is based on business vocabularies, process workflow and application integration. Genuine offers real added value by focusing solely on these three area's, so make no mistake- Team up with Genuine, and you'll have plenty to smile about !




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