"BPEL training: an exciting overview of one of the important standards for SOA, and the most efficient technology for modeling and optimizing the business processes in your company."

Building BPEL Solutions - 2 days

BPEL Fundamentals Training 

Our BPEL training explains the specifics of composition, orchestration, and coordination of web services. It provides a rich vocabulary for definition and execution of business processes. By taking this training, you will gain an understanding of the BPEL specification while learning how to apply the practical use of BPEL concepts to real-world service orchestration scenarios. Tools used include JDeveloper or BizTalk Orchestration Designer, an integrated visual toolset for rapidly creating, testing and deploying composite applications based on BPEL

Taught by expert instructors from Genuine Belgium, BPEL Fundamentals features hands-on training and an emphasis on realistic labs and programming exercises.

Course Objectives

- Understand the key concepts of the BPEL specification
- Learn the syntax and semantics of BPEL
- Understand the relationship between BPEL and WSDL
- Gain experience using BPEL by building a complex application
- Understand which BPEL constructs are most appropriate
- Learn best practices for developing using BizTalk or Oracle JDeveloper

If you take this course, you will get a broad overview of all the major BPEL initiatives in the current market, and you will obtain valuable insight into the possibilities of this exciting technology.


Planned courses:

Date Place Language
14-15 February Brussels English
11-12 March Brussels French
30-31 May Brussels Dutch
3-4 October Brussels English
11-12 November Brussels French
5-6 December Brussels Dutch
12-13 December Brussels English
"Hands-on training and an emphasis on realistic labs and programming exercises"
Price (excl. VAT) :
Open training
1.195,00 EUR per person
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