"The field of web service standards is vast and constantly evolving. The security space, in particular, has an extensive set of standards -many of which are defined as extensions of WS-Security."

Building Secure and Reliable web Services


This course provides an overview for managers, decision makers and software engineers of the history, technologies and applications of Web Services to solve the problems of application and software technology integration within and between enterprises. The pervasive nature of the Internet/Web infrastructure has spawned newer and simpler solutions for integration leveraging the emerging base technologies of XML, SOAP and WSDL, operating with .NET, J2EE, CORBA and mainframe environments. This course highlights the re-use of existing Service Oriented Architecture but now over the ubiquitous world of HTTP and Web technologies to result in a Web Services approach to connecting companies and customers. In addition, valuable up-to-date information on Web Services tools and development environments as well as a live demonstration of Web Service development will be given to cement the reality of this exciting next step in IT systems.


Also included in the training are recent initiatives, such as WS-Security, WS-Coordination, WS-Transaction, WS-Policy, WS-Reliable Messaging and WS-Attachments.
Orchestration and Choreography of business processes through the usage of middleware tools is another exciting subject that gets full attention during this course. Participants will learn the basics of web service transactions, compensation actions and new generation languages such as business process execution language for web services. (BPEL4WS).


Planned 2 day courses:

Date Place Language
16-17 January Brussels English
4-5 March Brussels Dutch     
15-16 July Brussels French
4-5 September Brussels English
7-8 October Brussels Dutch     
9-10 December Brussels English
Complete program :
"An expert view of web Services, security and reliability recommendations"
Price (excl. VAT) :
Open training
1.195,00 EUR per person
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