"XSL Training: a broad overview of the powerful transformation and presentation possibilities that XSL offers for XML data in a B2B environment."

XSL for Presentation and Transformation

XSL Applications training - 2 Days

XSL training: today, data is exchanged between companies (B2B), between company and individual (B2C), or inside the organization, among branch offices, sales offices, local offices, and head offices. As an increasing number of companies use XML as their format of choice for sending electronic documents over the internet, the need for quick and easy transformation of data is crucial. XSL is a specification to give a format to XML; it is a platform-independent technology used to transform and present data to the user.  

XML data stored in a company’s database can thus be presented to a wide array of different clients, be it web browser, PDF readers, printers or mobile device users. XSL effectively delivers on the promise of “create content once, display anywhere.”

If you take this course, you will get detailed insight about the inner workings of XSL and you will quickly apply the treated subjects in practice by combining XML and XSL in a real-life case study that offers tangible results.


Planned courses:

Date Place Language
14-15 January Brussels English
12-13 February Brussels Dutch
15-16 April Brussels French
10-11 June Brussels English
9-10 September Brussels Dutch
13-14 November Brussels French
19-20 December Brussels Dutch
"This XSL training delivers an enlightening experience based on real-life examples and in-depth information"
Price (excl. VAT) :
Open training
1.195,00 EUR per person
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