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.Net Integration & Connectivity for webServices

The .Net development environment has many features that offer a level of stability allowing it to be used in numerous mission critical projects. The .Net platform promises to solve an array of integration problems. If we consider the Internet, it’s really been based on islands of technology. When you build a web application, you typically own most of the resources that provide data to that application. Integration is hard because there hasn’t been a single standard that people could agree on. You might be using DCOM, or if you’re using Java, you might be using RMI or CORBA. Together with Biztalk Server 2006, .Net provides the infrastructure and tools for building successful e-commerce communities. The dot-net services are a family of servers that enable dot-net by having great support for XML. Some of the features where Genuine can offer invaluable advise are CLR, ADO.Net and the .Net framework.

Common Language Runtime

The CLR provides the type system and the run time services to all of the languages that target the .Net framework. It’s what defines for example what a string is or what an object is -for a wide variety of languages such as C++, Visual Basic, C# or Java; so it provides a common type system for all languages that target the .Net framework. It also provides a rich set of services such as garbage collection, reflection, meta data about the components.

.Net Framework

On top of the CLR, .Net builds a rich set of object-oriented class libraries and this is what we technically call the dot-net framework. It consists of all the programming models, so when you are writing a program in the dot-net framework, you’re using the set of class libraries to do so. There are a set of base class libraries, and what those do is provide general purpose classes and interfaces that you can use regardless of the type of application you’re running.

As you may notice, the changes and concepts in .Net are numerous, and you'll find it hard to absorb all the new features and functionality. Genuine can help you see clear: just ask, we speak your language!

.Net Services

Genuine’s services are aimed at delivering value to our customers business. For that reason, service packages are developed that address the issues related to our customers business. With that in mind we can deliver real value to our customers.

  • .Net Training: attend one of our .Net sessions, it will be an enlightening experience.

  • .Net Readiness Assessment: if you are currently using Visual Studio, we can evaluate what the impact of the .Net framework can be for your current IT environment. If needed, we determine the steps needed for a smooth transition from your current development environment to .Net.

  • .Net Deployment: Genuine’s comprehensive solution delivers a fully functional .Net infrastructure proposal by carefully analyzing our clients’ precise needs.

  • .Net webService design: we focus on the services you can offer to your business partners by analysing your existing business processes, and -if needed-, we will model the existing processes by means of our UML services package.

Ensuring that the latest Microsoft technology is well designed, efficiently implemented and maintained to the highest quality standards is key to a successful enterprise -and this is exactly where Genuine stands out of the crowd: delivering the best Microsoft technology services from start to finish.

In addition to the .Net Services package, Genuine also delivers configuration and implementation services for the following related components:

  • Biztalk Server
  • XML Services
  • Windows Services
  • UML Services

Genuine’s .Net Services package offers a comprehensive range of services from basic operational and infrastructure support to value-added services supporting the financial and business management of your IT environment.

Genuine delivers !

Genuine gives detailed advice on .Net related development issues: we propose effective migration plans and suggest integration frameworks that can be used to easily integrate with other enterprises -but also within your own organization.

We have proven experience in the field of setting up webServices that genuinely reflect your existing business processes. We offer all the needed cornerstones that are key to develop webServices. Indeed, XML, UML, WSDL and Biztalk are all part of our genuine offerings!

To meet our client’s high expectations, Genuine goes through a thorough assessment of the customers IT infrastructure before executing any of its services. Important factors such as company profile, assets, complexity and culture are always taken into account.

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