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BizTalk Server 2009 Integration Services

BizTalk Server 2009 is the next-generation software structure that is rules-based. BizTalk Server offers the features, outlined below, with which you quickly build dynamic business processes, easily integrate applications and business partners and using public standards to ensure interoperability.

Easily Transform XML Documents

Easily transform one schema into another with BizTalk Mapper -generating World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)- standard Extensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT) Files for transforming documents.

Quickly Establish Trading Relationships

BizTalk Messaging Manager automates the process of setting up trading profiles and agreements to exchange business documents with applications and trading partners over the Internet. This management technology is based on a graphical user interface (UI).

If you make the move to BizTalk Server 2009, you'll have plenty to smile about: the features are extremely user-friendly, and you will have an integration solution up-and running in no time. To make it all work however, you will need the right expertise at each stage, from planning and designing to implementing and maintaining your BizTalk 2009 solution.

So just ask, we speak your language!

BizTalk Server 2009 services

Genuine’s services are aimed at delivering value to our customers business. For that reason, service packages are developed that address the issues related to our customers business. With that in mind we can deliver real value to our customers.

  • BizTalk Training: try one of our comprehensive training courses.

  • BizTalk Configuration: setting up a trading partner agreement can be an daunting task if you do not have certain parameters handy, such as the nature of the organization or application you are integrating with. Genuine can help you define a check list of the input you will need.

  • BizTalk Readiness Assessment: you are currently using EDI, we can evaluate what the impact of the XML standard can be for your current IT environment. If needed, we determine the steps needed for a smooth transition from EDI to XML.

  • BizTalk Deployment: here, we focus on the IT architecture & environment. Genuine offers a complete solution by taking care of all aspects involved in a fault-tolerant BizTalk deployment.

Genuine provides its customers with access to skills and investments against a background of industry-wide difficulties in recruiting and retaining scarce and highly skilled staff.


Ensuring that the latest Microsoft technology is well designed, efficiently implemented and maintained to the highest quality standards is key to a successful enterprise -and this is exactly where Genuine stands out of the crowd: delivering the best Microsoft technology services from start to finish.

In addition to the BizTalk Server System package, Genuine also delivers configuration and implementation services for the following Backoffice components:

  • Exchange Server
  • Systems Management Server
  • SQL Server
  • Commerce Server
  • ISA Server
  • Windows Advanced Server

Genuine’s BizTalk Services package offers a comprehensive range of services from basic operational and infrastructure support to value-added services supporting the financial and business management of your IT environment.

Harmonized with other aspects of Genuine’s Client Server infrastructure services, it provides the total business solution for the end-to-end management of your IT infrastructure.

Genuine delivers !

Genuine gives detailed advice on EDI and XML related design issues, develops effective migration plans and suggests message frameworks that are commonly used in most enterprises.

We have proven experience in the field of setting up trading partner agreements, an area where transformation, presentation and validation aspects are critical for successful integration.

To meet our client’s high expectations, Genuine goes through a thorough assessment of the customers IT infrastructure before executing any of its services. Important factors such as company profile, assets, complexity and culture are always taken into account.

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