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XML is often referred to as being the "universal" glue, tying heterogeneous systems together in a transparent fashion. It is also regularly considered very easy to use and configure, and this is precisely the mistake that many companies make. The XML standard is effectively extremely simple by design and also surprisingly easy to learn and understand. But remember -we are talking purely XML syntax here- once you delve into important concepts such as XSL stylesheets, schemas and DOM or SAX you'll be lost very quickly. The reality is that one of the main basic objectives of XML, namely that the "standard should remain simple" -is one of the only objectives that was not attained by the XML initiative. But do not let that bother you -we are on top of the ever evolving XML standards- and we keep things straightforward for you.

Unlock your organization's knowledge

Easily transform you data, stored in XML format in your company databases by using XSLT, into an array of different formats for users with multiple requirements. For example, you can transform XML data into:

  • HTML for viewing in browser;
  • Postscript files for printing;
  • Acrobat PDF files;
  • WAP code, accessible to compliant phones;
  • Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) or SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Language) for smashing visual representation.

Integrate with business partners

XML is used as an alternative to EDI for exchanging electronic messaging between business partners. Lots of mechanisms such as routing, security and reliable messaging which where built into the EDI standard until recently were not available to XML. Today though, SOAP and other developments have given the same capabilities (and more) to XML.

Integrate Applications

An often ignored capability of XML is its capacity to allow integration between applications. Indeed, we are facing an evolution in the development environments -be it Java or .Net- where components 'talk' to each other by using XML messages. The immediate advantage being that third parties (other applications) can easily participate in the communication because the context of the data is sent along in the XML message.

If you are already examining the possibilities of XML, or if you are new to this technology and would like to learn exactly what the added value of XML could be for your organization -we can help! Make a selection amongst the XML services offered below, and let us open up this exciting world for you!

Just ask, we speak your language!

XML services

Genuine’s services are aimed at delivering value to our customers business. For that reason, service packages are developed that address the issues related to our customers business. With that in mind we can deliver real value to our customers.

  • XML Training: our XML trainings are amongst the most complete and comprehensive you'll find on the market today. All your questions will be answered, guaranteed!

  • XML Readiness Assessment: if you are currently using EDI, we can evaluate what the impact of the XML standard can be for your current IT environment. If needed, we determine the steps needed for a smooth transition from EDI to XML.

  • XML Document Design: Genuine’s comprehensive solution delivers a fully documented document structure proposal by carefully analyzing our clients’ precise needs.

  • XML Deployment: here, we focus on the architecture and IT environment. Genuine offers a complete solution by taking care of all aspects involved in an XML-based deployment.

Ensuring that the latest technology is well designed, efficiently implemented and maintained to the highest quality standards is key to a successful enterprise -and this is exactly where Genuine stands out of the crowd: delivering the best XML consultancy services from start to finish.

Whatever your specific needs, you can rely on Genuine to cover every stage of your solution lifecycle.

With Genuine, you get a partner with an extensive experience that can offer the global understanding that is essential to deliver a successful integrated solution.

In addition to the XML service package, Genuine also delivers configuration and implementation services for the following components:

  • UML Services
  • Biztalk Services
  • webServices implementation guide
  • .Net Services

Genuine’s XML Services package offers a comprehensive range of services from basic operational and infrastructure support to value-added services supporting the financial and business management of your IT environment.

Genuine provides its customers with access to skills and investments against a background of industry-wide difficulties in recruiting and retaining scarce and highly skilled staff.

Genuine delivers !

Genuine gives detailed advice on EDI and XML related design issues, develops effective migration plans and suggests message frameworks that are commonly used in most enterprises.

We have proven experience in the field of setting up trading partner agreements, an area where transformation, presentation and validation aspects are critical for successful integration.

To meet our client’s high expectations, Genuine goes through a thorough assessment of the customers IT infrastructure before executing any of its services. Important factors such as company profile, assets, complexity and culture are always taken into account.

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