Training Overview

Lots of training courses face similar problems:out-of-the book material is given without making the link to real-world usage of the technology. Genuine’s training material is based on project experience and offers a varied approach that will keep you focused by alternating between theory and practice. Several case studies further ease assimilation of the treated subjects by offering tangible examples.

Make no mistake: complex courses such as Biztalk cannot be given effectively without having extensive knowledge of XML standards and real-life trading partner agreements. Genuine trainers offer real added value by means of their XML and related standards background. On the same level, it makes absolutely no sense to talk about ebXML when the trainer is derived of any EDI or UML knowledge.

But do not take our word for it, just try one of our courses, mainly focused on technologies surrounding webservices such as ebXML, XML and UML, and you will join the growing rangs of those who did not just attend a training, but also had a great time !

We invite you to take a look at the agenda where you will find an overview of the courses that are scheduled shortly, or you can choose a subject from the hyper-boxes above. We sincerely hope to welcome you during one of our future knowledge transfers !




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