ITIL 4 Leader - 3 days

Digital and IT Strategy (DITS)

Learn about the relationship between Concepts of Digital and IT Strategy, Service Value System and Service Value Chain

Key Features of this ITIL Training:

We will look at how an organisation’s viability is related to agile, resilience, lean principles, continuous and co-creational. We will analyse the VUCA Factors and address them in a Digital and IT Strategy. You will be able to clearly explain and compare three levels of Digital Disruption: The ecosystem, the industry/market and organisational.

The training delivers first hand guidance on ITIL best practices as well as tips and tricks for applying ITIL inside the organization.

At course completion, you will:

  • Use Customer Journeys
  • Understand Omnichannel Delivery and Support
  • Know Context-Sensitive Delivery and Support
  • Define Customer Analytics
  • Use Customer Feedback and 360° Approaches
  • How to Achieve Operational Excellence in the 4 Dimensions of Service Management
  • Understand the Financial Aspects of Digital and IT Strategy
  • Understand Financial Policies
  • Understand Portfolio Optimisation
  • Know how to fund Projects, Products and Services
  • How to balance cost of Innovation and Operation
  • Understand charging Models
  • Assess Strategic Approaches for Digital Organisations
1295,00 excl. VAT
ITIL Training: experience IT management techniques and start using repeatable, documented Processes to reinforce your status as a first-in-class company!

What our customers are saying

The course was great and so was the trainer - brilliantly delivered and I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues. Thanks to Benyamin for a great course and delivering it vitally!

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