Training Date Available Languages Register
BPM - Business Process Management Essentials 02/09/2024 English/French/Dutch
BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation 16/10/2024 English/Dutch
BPR - Business Process Reengineering 22/04/2024 English/French
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Training Date Language Register
SCRUM and Agile Essentials 05/03/2024 English/Dutch
Agile and SCRUM Master 15/05/2024 English/French/Dutch
Agile SCRUM Product Owner 13/06/2024 English/French
DevOps 17/06/2024 English/French/Dutch
Lean IT 24/06/2024 English/Dutch
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Training Date Language Register
Microservices Architecture 05/02/2024 English/French/Dutch
Microservices Architecture 17/04/2024 English/Dutch
Microservices Architecture 15/05/2024 English/French/Dutch
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Enterprise Architecture

Training Date Language Register
Enterprise Architecture Foundations 06/03/2024 English/French
Enterprise Architecture Practitioner 10/04/2024 English/French/Dutch
Enterprise Architecture Foundations 15/05/2024 English/French
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Service Oriented Architecture

Training Date Language Register
SOA Essentials 15/02/2024 English/French/Dutch
SOA for Managers and Architects 10/04/2024 English/Dutch
SOA Essentials 05/06/2024 English/French
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Business Analysis

Training Date Language Register
Requirements Gathering & Engineering 11/03/2024 English/French
Business Analysis Essentials 10/04/2024 English/French/Dutch
UML & OOAD for Enterprise Modeling 10/07/2024 English/Dutch
Sparx Enterprise Architect 10/07/2024 English/French/Dutch
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Service Management

Training Date Language Register
ITIL 4 Foundations 21/02/2024 English/French/Dutch
ITIL 4 Strategist - Direct, Plan and Improve DPI 15/04/2024 English/Dutch
ITIL 4 Specialist - Create, Deliver and Support CDS 05/06/2024 English/French/Dutch
ITIL 4 Specialist - Drive Stakeholder Value DSV 10/06/2024 English/French
ITIL 4 Leader - Digital and IT Strategy DITS 17/06/2024 English/French/Dutch
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Training Date Language Register
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 06/02/2024 English/French/Dutch
Oracle SOA Suite 12C 08/04/2024 English/French/Dutch
Oracle Service Bus OSB 12.2 13/05/2024 English/French
XML, XSL and XSD for Applications 13/05/2024 English/Dutch
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Project Management

Training Date Language Register
Prince2 Foundations 13/03/2024 English/French/Dutch
Prince2 Practitioner 18/03/2024 English/Dutch
Prince2 Foundations 27/05/2024 English/French
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Domain-driven Design

Training Date Language Register
Domain-driven Design 22/03/2024 English/Dutch
Domain-driven Design 22/05/2024 English/French
Domain-driven Design 08/07/2024 Dutch
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