"XML Training: an efficient overview of the major XML recommendations in the current market, and valuable insight into the possibilities of XML, XSD and XSL technology."

XML Introduction - 1 day

XML and surrounding technologies training 

XML training: during this one day course, you will obtain a detailed overview of the areas where XML can offer substantial added value to your organization. While past electronic communication between trading partners relied on EDI and VANs (Value Added Networks), we now see an increasing use of the maturing XML standard. XML is replacing EDI as the syntax of choice for B2B transactions, and during this course we will see just why XML is ideally suited to solve many integration issues.

The Universal ‘Glue’

XML provides a universally accepted data format that reaches all the way through the organization, from the customer, through middleware and down to the legacy applications. This highly visual course explains the essence of XML and its surrounding technologies. Frameworks and important concepts such as ebXML and UDDI are also explained.

As always, the course material is based on real-life experience and you will get plenty of practical examples; so if you want to understand exactly what XML can mean for your enterprise, then this course is for you!


Planned courses:

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14 January Brussels English
12 February Brussels Dutch
15 April Brussels French
9 September Brussels English
13 November Brussels Dutch
9 December Brussels French
Complete program :
"XML training: an enlightening experience based on real-life examples and in-depth information"
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Open training
595,00 EUR per person
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