"XML Training: providing a broad overview of the major XML initiatives in the current market, and valuable insight into the possibilities of XML technology."

Real-life XML for Applications - 4 days

XML Applications training 

Our XML training focuses on XML, XSL and XSD. Early electronic communication between trading partners relied on EDI, a proprietary messaging format that could address the exchange of structured business documents such as purchase orders, invoices or payments. The very popular W3C XML recommendation is used in most -if not all- current technology implementations and is certainly replacing EDI as the syntax of choice for B2B transactions. During this 4 days course we will define the pros and cons of each approach and delve into the details of Schemas and Stylesheets.

The Universal ‘Glue’

XML provides a universally accepted data format that reaches all the way through the organization, from the customer, through middleware and down to the legacy applications. This highly visual course focuses both on the Messaging and the enterprise application integration (EAI) aspects of XML. Furthermore, database technologies, Frameworks and important concepts such as ebXML and UDDI are examined in detail. To integrate with business partners, the transformation of text, XML or EDI files into a different format is extremely important. We will thus focus on the important transformation and presentation aspects of the XSL standard that allows this integration.

If you enroll for this XML training course, you will get a broad overview of all the major XML initiatives in the current market, and you will obtain valuable insight into the possibilities of this exciting technology.


Planned courses:

Date Place Language
14-15-16-17 January Brussels English
11-12-13-14 March Brussels French
15-16-17-18 April Brussels Dutch
10-11-12-13 June Brussels Dutch
3-4-5-6 September Brussels French
7-8-9-10 October Brussels Dutch
11-12-13-14 November Brussels English
9-10-11-12 December Brussels Dutch
"An enlightening experience based on real-life examples and in-depth information"
Price (excl. VAT) :
Open training
1.595,00 EUR per person
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