"SOA Training: an in-depth view of Service Oriented Architecture best practices, governance and anti patterns.

SOA for Designers and Developers - 3 days

SOA training: focus on Design

SOA training: the training will focus on service oriented design (SOD) best practices that lead to services at the right level of granularity. Different design tools will be used that work well in an SOA effort. Depending on the delegates, we will use IBM's SOA tool suite, which includes WebSphere Business Modeler, Rational Application Developer (RAD) and WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) products. Alternatively the Oracle SOA toolset could be used, including the BPEL designer, ESB designer and rules author. Another option is Microsoft's BizTalk Server These products let you develop business processes and Web services interactively and then wire them together into a deployable SOA application. Without tools that are geared toward SOA development, you will find it difficult to be successful. And remember, SOA is a lot more than just web services.

Service Oriented Design Methodology

First, we describe the context within which services and service operations will be specified and realized. We consider the responsibilities of the SOA infrastructure and the responsibilities of the service.
Next, we consider the design principles that apply to the specification of services as a whole rather than to individual operations.
Finally, we state the design principles that apply to individual service operations.


Planned courses:

Date Place Language
14-15-16 January Brussels English
13-14-15 February Brussels Dutch
1-2-3 April Brussels French
10-11-12 June Brussels English
9-10-11 September Brussels Dutch
11-12-13 December Brussels English
"SOA training: Architecture examples and services that can easily be reused and integrated within SOA projects."
Price (excl. VAT) :
Open training
1495,00 EUR per person
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