"BizTalk training: excellent introduction to Microsoft's premier server for developing integration solutions to support and automate the business processes in organizations."

Introduction to BizTalk Server 2016 - 2 days

During this BizTalk training session, it will become apparent what a middleware tool such as BizTalk can offer to a global enterprise. Maybe you are wondering how to integrate with a customer that sends out text files? Or you might be trying to integrate with an SAP or AS400 system...

You will get many answers -be it in the area of messaging (exchanging electronic messages) -or in the area of application integration (tying your internal systems together for straightforward management) - BizTalk 2016 covers both transformation and mapping of data transmitted over any network, and linking the data to your internal systems.

We will analyze a trading partner agreement, and we'll see exactly what it is composed of. Setting up such trading partner agreements, and managing them in a comprehensive way, is done at the click of a mouse button in BizTalk. During this course, you will get an overview of the possibilities of this tool, and we will see how orchestration of business processes through the BizTalk 2016 orchestration engine can automate important parts of the business process.

By combining B2B messaging and EAI proficiency, gained through multiple projects, Genuine can offer BizTalk training services and real-life examples that move beyond the standard course content.


Planned courses:

Date Place Language
14-15 January Brussels English
7-8 March Brussels French
23-24 May Brussels Dutch
5-6 September Brussels French
14-15 November Brussels English
19-20 December Brussels Dutch
Complete program :
"An in-depth view of Microsoft's message   exchange and business orchestration tool"
Price (excl. VAT) :
Open training
1.195,00 EUR per person
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