"BPM Training: so what are SOA, BPEL, and service orchestration 'really' about? At this point in their evolutionary cycle, they are really about enabling developers to build all types of applications faster and with less coding."

BPM for SOA - 3 days

Business Process Management and SOA

Our BPM training positions BPM as enabler for SOA. Although SOA is not specific to BPM software, there are a number of natural synergies between BPM and SOA. Perhaps most obvious of these is the separation of business process management as an independent function, allowing processes to be designed independently of any single application and leveraged as shared business logic.

While most of the attention focused on SOA has been largely dominated by Web services, it is important to realize that these standards are merely one of the means to an end and not the end game itself. The true value of SOA comes from the ability to orchestrate these components across executable business processes.

At course completion, students will be able to: 

  • Use Model-based definition: BPM promotes model-based definitions, which will ensure absolute fidelity between what the business asks for and what they get. This model should be defined by the business, as opposed to a BPEL-based articulation, which is a part of the SOA infrastructure.
  • Prioritize services: BPM helps avoid wasting time and money on systems the business doesn’t need. Vendors have often led customers down the path of ’service enabling’ legacy systems, only to find out after building many re-useable services that only a few were needed by the business, and that some that weren’t built really were needed.
    • Use collaborative tools: A common set of tools and language used by both the business and IT sides will increase the "velocity of communication" across the enterprise.


    Planned courses:

    Date Place Language
    14-15-16 January Brussels Dutch
    13-14-15 February Brussels Dutch
    11-12-13 March Brussels English
    4-5-6 September Brussels French
    13-14-15 November Brussels Dutch
    4-5-6 December Brussels Dutch
    Complete program :
    "BPM and SOA people are concerned about mostly different things, but they are hardly opposing armies facing off with guns blazing"
    Price (excl. VAT) :
    Open training
    1.495,00 EUR per person
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