XML, XSL and XSD for Applications

3 days

XML Training: providing a broad overview of the major XML initiatives in the current market, and valuable insight into the possibilities of XML technology.

Key Features of this XML Training:

XML provides a universally accepted data format that reaches all the way through the organization, from the customer, through middleware and down to the legacy applications. This highly visual course focuses both on the Messaging and the enterprise application integration (EAI) aspects of XML. Furthermore, database technologies, Frameworks and important concepts such as web service contracts and service registries are examined in detail.

The training delivers first hand guidance on XML best practices as well as tips and tricks for putting XML to best use within the organization.

At course completion, students will:

  • Well formed and Valid XML
  • Markup and content rules
  • XML Namespaces
  • Why do we need Namespaces?
  • Usage of the target namespace
  • Setting up a Namespace for your company
  • Usage of Namespaces in a schema
  • Namespaces in a Style sheet
  • Multiple Namespaces in one document
  • Working with simple types
  • Exercises with restriction, Union and list
  • Complex types specifics
  • Exercise with complex content and simple content
  • XPath
  • XPath Functions
  • Variables and parameters, xsl:variable
  • Performing repetition and conditional processing
  • Using XSLT functions
  • Using recursion
  • Loop structures in a style sheet, xsl:for-each
  • If-then statements and choose issues
895,00 excl. VAT
An enlightening experience based on real-life examples and in-depth information

What our customers are saying

The course was great and so was the trainer - brilliantly delivered and I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues. Thanks to Benyamin for a great course and delivering it vitally!

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