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Enterprise Architecture Foundations

Our Architecture training uses an Open Framework to develop a large range of IT architectures. With this training, you will learn how to speed up and simplify development while ensuring the evolving system remains responsive to business change and is legally compliant. Using an Open Architecture Framework results in consistent enterprise architecture that reflects stakeholder needs, and considers current and future needs of the business.

Key Features of this Architecture Training:

Delegates will get validation that they have gained sufficient knowledge of the terminology, structure, and basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture, and understanding of the core principles of Enterprise Architecture. An optional certification test at the end of the course can be included upon request.

The training delivers first hand guidance on architecture best practices as well as tips and tricks for applying efficient architecture governance.

At course completion, students will grasp:

  • The basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture
  • The core concepts of Enterprise Architecture
  • The key terminology of Enterprise Architecture
  • The Architecture development cycle and the objectives of each phase
  • The concept of the Architecture views, its purpose and parts
  • How each of the phases contribute to the enterprise architecture
  • Guidelines and techniques
  • How Architecture Governance contributes to the Enterprise Architecture
  • The concepts of views and viewpoints and their role
  • The concept of building blocks
  • The key deliverables of the Enterprise Architecture
  • Industry standard reference models
  • The different Architecture certification programs
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Enterprise Architecture Training: "Don't miss your opportunity to learn from the Experts on Enterprise Architecture!"

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