Advanced EA - 2 days

Enterprise Architecture Advanced (Practitioner)

This acclaimed Enterprise Architecture course covers the full EA practitioner training curriculum and focuses on Advanced training in preparation for taking any Advanced or Level 2 Enterprise Architecture examination.

Key Features of Level 2 EA Training:

Our architecture training program is used by corporations and governments around the world and is highly regarded as one of the most successful and pragmatic programs available, ensuring that delegates can establish and use the framework when they get back to their own working environments. An optional certification test at the end of the course can be included upon request.

This training delivers a practitioner-based, advanced hands-on experience. Through exercises and expert-trainer guidance, delegates get proficient in the most advanced of EA topics.

At course completion, students will have received information on:

  • The EA Certification for People Program
  • Architecture Development Phases
  • Architecture Guidelines and Techniques
  • Important Deliverables
  • Relevant Architecture Reference Models
  • Architecture Framework Components
  • How to classify Architecture Building Blocks
  • How to use an Architecture Repository
  • How to develop a custom Content Metamodel
  • Apply Architecture Governance
  • Use Business Scenarios
  • Perform effective stakeholder management
  • Use Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Give advice on Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
895,00 excl. VAT
Enterprise Architecture Training: "Don't miss your opportunity to learn from the Experts on Enterprise Architecture!"

Customised & Onsite

Bring a Genuine course onsite - train an entire team, specify course content & duration, choose dates to suit your schedule. Delivery at your office or our centre - Inspiring, subject-matter expert instructor. Face-to-face or Live-Online delivery

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