Cameo SysML

Systems Engineering - 3 days

Deep analysis, traceability and simulation of highly advanced and complex products. Used for industry-leading, mission-critical production environments.

Advanced Simulation Tool for Engineers

Manage the full lifecycle of your system requirements from elicitation until realization of the hard -and software. Our SysML training presents a complete process for visualizing requirements, simulating them for correctness, and recording them clearly, comprehensibly and unambiguously.

Upon completion of the Cameo Systems Engineering training course delegates will have gained a practical knowledge of the SysML modelling language and Cameo modeler. This will allow them to immediately start working on engineering projects using SysML and Cameo Systems modeler.

What you will learn:

  • Usage of Cameo systems modeler
  • The Magicgrid approach as a guideline
  • SysML diagramming techniques
  • Cameo Options menu and Settings menu
  • How to search the project for artefacts
  • How to draw the SysML Requirements and Use Case diagram
  • Discussion on application within iterative development methodologies
  • Common issues and their solutions
  • Internal and External requirements in Cameo
  • Block Definition diagram, Internal Block diagram
  • Satisfying and tracing requirements
  • SysML Activity and State diagrams
  • Importing and Exporting requirements
  • Relationship tables and Instance creation
  • Port Types and usage, simulating communication
  • Usage of Blackbox and Whitebox ICD's (interface control documents)
  • How to draw a SysML Sequence diagram
  • Generating diagrams, using the Parametric Equation Wizard
  • Sending and receiving signals
  • Communication between diagrams through signals
  • Advanced simulation options
  • Defining a Cameo project template for the organization
€1.895,00 excl. VAT
Solid overview of design aspects and tool-specific techniques so that you will leave with a well-rounded knowledge.

Public Schedule

"Hands-On" courses run regularly in Brussels. Fully equipped air-conditioned training centre. In-Person attendance. Remote attendance via web link. Inspiring, subject-matter expert instructors.

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