SOA Essentials - 2 days

Service Oriented Architecture Explained

The SOA training extends the IT capabilities of our enterprise customers through greater understanding and methodological deployment of services and service oriented architectures.

Service Management and classification

This course covers a range of topics from an understanding of the management issues presented by SOA, to a practical look at the details of SOA legacy enablement. Our Service Oriented Architecture training course will give you a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of implementing an SOA in the enterprise, and help you make educated decisions about the best way ahead for your own organisation.

The course revolves around presentations by an industry expert with solid implementation skills, and allows for group discussion to air concerns and issues you may have already encountered.

This training is perfect for acquiring these skills:

  • Creating a common understanding of SOA
  • The evolution of SOA
  • Introduce the concepts of services and SOA
  • Design principles of SOA
  • The relationship between SOA and services
  • The advantages and risks of SOA
  • The benefits of employing SOA
  • Securing SOA services
  • Basic web services elements
  • Core web services standards stack
  • The basic concepts of service orientation
  • The role of Intermediaries In Service Networks
  • Using UML to analyze and design interfaces
  • Generating a domain model
  • Showing web service collaboration
  • Understanding the service oriented maturity model
895,00 excl. VAT
SOA Training: Advanced service architecture examples and service patterns that can easily be reused and integrated within a broad range of mission critical projects.

Customised & Onsite

Bring a Genuine course onsite - train an entire team, specify course content & duration, choose dates to suit your schedule. Delivery at your office or our centre - Inspiring, subject-matter expert instructor. Face-to-face or Live-Online delivery

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